Dear friends

But with December the nice Christmas time started and over Christmas and New Year we had many friends to visit us and we enjoied that very much.

When we came back October was nearly done and the terrible month of November started. Gray, wet  and dull.

We spent September at Duesseldorf. At the end of the month we went on our 'summer' vacation and yet again we went to Tuscany. We took nearly a week to go from Konstanz with multiple stopovers in Switzerland and in Carrarra/Italy befor we reached the isle of Elba. Instead of staying only for some days we ended up with nearly two weeks. What a wonderful island and what a beautifuk weaather we had.

In summer Andrea and Franziska took their regular 6 weeks Lake of Constanz vacation visiting Andrea's mother and I enjoied visiting them every second weekend.
In June Christian took off for Tuscany/Italy . With his Vespa Scooter he took the train from Cologne to Livorno and drove around for one week with wonderful sunshine.

We  started into the new year with a Sylvester party in our new home. End of January we left for our winter vacation to Garmisch Partenkirchen/Farchant .


We started into the new millenium (?) with a wonderful snow experience in Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Bavaria (online weather in Garmisch).
After some set-backs we finally moved to our new home in September haveing nothing better to do then heading for some holiday in South-France and Jordan .
Christmas days we enjoyed at home with family and friends and a smooth start into the new year.

We were homesick to Southeast Asia and went back to Thailand in February.
Trying to escape from our appartment we planned to build a nice house with a green garden. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way and at the end of the century we were still living on Uerdinger Strasse in Duesseldorf.
In October we had the chance to travel to England to meet friends on the "island" whom we hadn't seen for some time.


Since June 2, we are back in good old Germany. In the first weeks we had the chance to visit some friends all over Germany and we ended up in the South and we had a good summertime at the Lake of Konstanz.
On June 3, Franziska started to walk and now she doesn't stop anymore. She is even getting more and more teeths. Besides that we settled in Germany very well and with good fortune I found a job and started work on September 1, in Duesseldorf.

To show you how we are looking have a look on these new photos (in the Year 2000 section) and we even have some old ones of Franziska in our "archive" .

All the best and please keep in touch

Andrea, Christian and Franziska.

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